Complete Computer Diagnostics

Vehicles’ computers operate everything from air conditioning, radios, air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, ride control, cruise control, analog and digital gauges, automatic transmissions, emission and engine controls. These computers can cost from $250 to as much as $1,500 depending on what they control.

Instead of using proper diagnostic procedures, some do-it-yourselfers and shops without the technical experience resort to trial and error parts swapping when they don’t know how to repair computer and performance issues. Since car dealers and parts suppliers refuse to allow the return of electronic components (due to possible damage) that may leave you, the consumer, with expensive parts you didn’t need. In fact, manufacturers have reported that 80% of all returned computers were found to be okay.

Avoid unnecessary repair and parts costs! We have the latest in computerized diagnostic equipment, a computerized information system and experienced ASE Master Certified Technicians who are trained to properly care for your vehicle.

Our complete computer diagnostics can save you money by correctly diagnosing your vehicle’s problems right from the start.


Drivability Problems

A properly functioning Powertrain Control Module will prevent such problems and ensure you will spend more time on the road then in the shop. If you feel you’re having a drivability or PCM related issue, or any other type of problem contact It’s About Time Automotive right away to set up an appointment.


Complete Safety Analysis

During a vehicle’s regular operation, there are many things such as the weather, objects on the road, the road itself and usual wear and tear, that can cause damage that goes unnoticed. Such damage can affect the performance of your vehicle. To find out and fix this damage, you need to take your vehicle to an expert who can run a thorough vehicle safety check. The vehicle safety check covers:

  • Tires
  • Radiator
  • Engine and Transmission
  • Brake Fluid
  • Vehicle Lamp
  • Electrical Systens
  • Suspension


Today’s engines are highly advanced and difficult to troubleshoot. That’s why we use sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment and vehicle computer data to pinpoint hidden problems and worn parts. Depending on the age and model of your vehicle, your engine tune-up service includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your entire engine and its mechanisms
  • Replacement of faulty or worn electronic engine components such as oxygen sensors and electronic control module components
  • Replacement of faulty or worn spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filters
  • Adjustment of your vehicle’s idle and timing
  • Adjustment of the clutch (on vehicles equipped with a manual transmission)

Oil Changes

Your automobile is more than likely your second largest investment – second only to your home. Having us change your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles is one of the best ways you can protect this valuable investment. Once you experience an S&J oil change, you’ll see firsthand why millions of motorists turn each year to us for “asset protection.”


Tires & Wheels

Tire wear depends on several factors, including your driving style and tire maintenance habits.

You need new tires if:

  • You can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire
  • Cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
  • The tread or sidewall is cracked, cut or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric
  • The tire has a bulge or split
  • The tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that can’t be repaired

We offer the convenience of express service and a variety of tires to fit your vehicle’s factory specifications. A certified technician can provide specialized advice and recommendations on the right tire for your driving needs.
We offer all major brands of Tires!


Brake Repair Specialists

S&J Complete Auto has developed diagnostic and inspection procedures that are unparalleled in our industry. These procedures enable us to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact needs and requirements. We use only premium parts based on your vehicle’s specifications.

Our brake services include:

  • Machining or turning of rotors and drums
  • Brake fluid exchanging and flushing
  • Routine pad replacement
  • Routine shoe replacement
  • Anti-lock brake diagnostics
  • And so much more

Additional services:

  • Brake fluid flushing
  • Anti-lock brake diagnostics and more


S&J’s wheel alignment service adjusts the relationship between the suspension and steering components and the wheels and the frame of the vehicle through the use of advanced diagnostic and alignment equipment. In some cases, alignment may not correct the root problem that is making the vehicle perform incorrectly. Our certified technicians will be able to properly diagnose the issue and advise you of the recommended action.


Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

The exhaust is a critical part of your vehicle’s engine. Outdated or broken exhaust systems can cause loud noises, waste gas and cause harmful emissions. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your exhaust system. We offer a huge assortment of exhaust parts manufactured specifically to fit your vehicle. Ranging from mufflers, exhaust adapters, exhaust manifolds to catalytic converters! S&J has everything you need to get the job done.


Steering & Suspensions

To maintain precise control, your car’s wheels need to be in firm contact with the road at all times. That’s where your suspension system comes in. It needs to be able to absorb bumps smoothly and steer properly, which in turn requires a fully functioning suspension system with proper wheel alignment.

Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system (which is typical in many front-wheel-drive cars), we have the know-how to diagnose and repair any problem. We also have the equipment necessary to correct any alignment issues we might find.


Fuel System Services

Does your vehicle show symptoms and conditions of a dirty fuel system?

  • Rough idling
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Hesitation when accelerating
  • Engine knocking, pinging or run-on
  • Loss of performance
  • Cold-start problems
  • Failed emission testing
  • Sticking throttle pedal

Why you should have a Fuel System Cleaning

Deposits building in the combustion chamber and intake valves can alter the engine’s compression ratio, causing it to knock, run-on, and be hard to start
Stalling, hesitation, and loss of power are the most common symptoms with fuel injector deposits, which can interrupt the delivery of fuel and disrupt the spray pattern

Stop in to see if your vehicle is in need of a Fuel System Cleaning.


Coolant Systems

An S&J technician will perform a coolant system service that includes:

  • Removing the old antifreeze and any contaminants
  • Refilling the system with new antifreeze/coolant
  • Inspection for any visible leaks

Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specific service recommendations or contact S&J for more information.


Emission Repair Facility

We’re emissions experts

• We have the right equipment. We have the right diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the increased emissions and the know-how to fix the problem.

• We stand behind our work.
So if you need emission advice or emission repair, breathe easy…
Don’t Worry. . .Call S&J!”


Air Conditioning Service

Our technicians can make sure your car’s air conditioning system is working properly and cooling effectively. Our air conditioning service includes:

  • Checking the Freon level
  • Detection of leaks in the system
  • Inspection of the condition of hoses
  • Inspection of the condition of seals

We care for the environment

S&J works hard to serve our customers’ needs while being a conscientious corporate citizen. This means taking steps to protect our environment – a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why our technicians have been certified in the safe handling of Freon and other potentially ozone-depleting substitutes. That’s why we also perform air-conditioning services in a closed-circuit removal and recyclable process.


Electrical Systems

We can service all the electrical components of your vehicle:

  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Starter
  • Power Windows
  • Power Steering
  • Headlights and other exterior lights
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Defroster and more

Fleet Maintenance

Our fleet maintenance and management solutions reduce costs, create efficiencies, increase reliability and deliver results for our fleet customers.

We have an extremely diverse range of customer applications that we can customize to enhance your fleet. A partial list of services include:

Fleet Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Repairs
  • Work order management
  • Parts Management
  • Turnkey Fleet Solutions
  • Quality Assurance

Engine Work

Each engine has diverse needs, and these can be determined by many factors including driving conditions, past use, and how well it has been maintained. At S&J, we use our years of engine repair experience to provide the services you need to get your engine performing at its very best. From transmissions to tune-ups or cam shafts to catalytic converters we have you covered.


Lift Kits

Need a custom lift kit or lift kit installation on your vehicle? S&J has years of experience working on off road vehicles with small to EXTREME lifts!!!!